Patient Testimonials

“Took my 8-year-old daughter for a UTI. The staff was phenomenal and better with kids than most places just for kids. Wish I got their names but the lady at check-in and the nurse or MA who took her vitals you ladies deserve a raise and recognition for your excellent attitudes and service. Much obliged.”

My 7 year old son just went for his 2nd visit to Well-Key. Both visits were on a Sunday evening. We were in and out in under an hour both times, with hardly any wait time. Even for a weekend night, the staff was super friendly and kind, from check-in to check out. Everyone made sure he got a Popsicle and stickers and said they hoped he felt better. A note for school was ready at check out.  The prescription was ready as soon as we got to the pharmacy. I cannot say enough good things. I’ve told everyone I know what a great place this is! Thanks so much Well-Key!

I appreciate the cleanliness of the office!  Such a great benefit that the office was open on Easter evening.  The front desk attendant was so nice and helpful.  It was the best walk in clinic experience.

I was treated with respect and the staff had a professional attitude. I would recommend Well-Key to anyone who is looking for an Urgent Care and already have. Everyone was great!

The nurse was amazing. She was very caring and sweet. She knew what she was doing and was so helpful. If I am ever in need while I am visiting, I would come here again.

All the employees were professional and so very kind. I like that they listen to me and seem genuinely caring about my problems. Thank you.

I only had to wait less than 5 minutes. The nurses worked quickly and were polite. Dr. Huskey ran the necessary tests and the examination revealed both a sinus and an ear infection.  She explained my illness and the course of action.  I was extremely pleased with my visit to the Sevierville Well-Key Urgent Care.

My regular doctor had no open appointments so I went to Well-Key. They were very professional
and very helpful. This was my first visit to a walk-in clinic and needless to say…I picked a great one!

I appreciate the friendly, non-threatening atmosphere and the prompt attention I received. I have already recommended Well-Key to many friends and would not hesitate to return if necessary. Thank you!

The care was outstanding all the way from start to finish. The Doctor put forth a high level of effort to deliver results. The support staff was very professional and pleasant. The facility was well equipped and designed for patient privacy, service and efficiency. The electronic prescription  process worked great. The insurance was handled equally as well. Recognizing it may be difficult ….. an opportunity for enhancement would be partial merging of the patient data  forms. We will highly recommend “Well-key” at every opportunity. Great JOB !!!

Absolutely IMPRESSED! The staff was fantastic and the best part…the doctor (Michael Rothwell)…OUTSTANDING! Very compassionate and patient. Great experience and won’t go to any other walk-in but Well-Key!

I have an old wrist injury that flared up suddenly 2 days before I needed to be on a plane for a business trip,  (of course, it’s in my writing hand).  It was easy to check in and I was seen very quickly. I explained my problem and received a great short-term solution and felt better within hours. I was given prescriptions to take with me on the trip in case there was any further issues.  Nice people, fast service, great results.  THANK YOU ALL!

The fast courteous response of the staff at check in, to the timeliness with the practitioner and the doctor was an overall pleasant experience. I was well cared for and felt the warmth from all parties involved in my visit!

The wait time in the waiting room as well as in the examining room was not long at all.  Pleasant staff and they took the time to listen and didn’t rush through things.  Overall great experience!  Thank you!

My ear infection was taken care of without any fuss.  The doctor was knowledgeable and confident.  If I ever get ill outside of my doctor’s hours, I will not hesitate to go back!

We were in Pigeon Forge this weekend at our cabin and I noticed I was getting pink eye Saturday afternoon.  After having a miserable night Saturday night I decided to go to an after hour medical clinic on Sunday morning, and my husband remembered seeing your clinic.  Being from out of town I was unsure how to get an appointment and how my insurance would work, but the professional staff at Well-Key made it easy to see the Doctor and get medicine to feel better.  Thanks for taking care of me and being so kind and helpful!

I came in with a  sinus infection at 8:00 am. was seen within 10 minutes and got checked, obtained a prescription and away I went within 30 minutes.  Outstanding service by the front desk and the intake lady and the P.A.  Couldn’t have been treated any better.

Was in for a sinus infection.  Very short wait which I’m sure is unusual for such a busy place.  The people I saw were very professional and knowledgeable.  Thanks!

Very professional, yet friendly Doctor and staff. In and out quick.

I was able to download patient forms online and walked in with the forms completed. You are welcomed by smiling faces and my wait time was less than 6 minutes. The nurse was exceptional and very knowledgable. The doctor showed concern and treated me like a patient (not a number/quota). I was in/out in under 30 minutes. I will definitely visit Well-Key again!!! Great customer service!

The office was very clean and well kept. The staff was great! Very nice, clean and professional appearance. The wait time was very minimum.

Staff was very helpful and friendly.  I was also very impressed with the doctor.  I would not hesitate to return if needed and would not hesitate to recommend the clinic.l!

I was seen promptly, diagnosed quickly! Very professional staff, very friendly. The place was immaculate. I was very impressed! It was Sunday morning so I was hoping I wouldn’t have to wait a long time. I was seen almost before i got my paperwork filled out!

My Mother had been up sick all night.  She was dehydrated and could hardly function. Each care provider we encountered from the front desk to the Doctor was caring and friendly. They continued to check on her as tests were running and even brought her a blanket. I never doubted their competency.  By the time we left there her color had returned and she was laughing and wanting to fix her hair!
I am so grateful.

Excellent care from the minute I checked in with the office staff, the nurse screening and procedures, and the doctor’s knowledge and diagnosis of my problem.

From registration to medical assistant to physician, everyone was kind and helpful and everything went smoothly and quickly. So appreciate having Well-Key close by for times when needed. Will not hesitate to visit again if need be.

Dr. spent time explaining his diagnosis. Other caretakers were courteous and expedient. Wait time was minimal. Very clean. I would highly recommend Well-Key. Thanks for what you do.

The receptionist greeted me immediately. Doctor took a good bit of time with me and asked if I had any questions. Wait time was very reasonable. If my family needs an urgent care again, we will return to this facility.

I am from Michigan and was visiting my brother the week of October 12th. I had flu-like symptoms (especially high fever) for a week before that and went into a walk-in clinic in MI. I had been in Zambia, Africa for the month of June and the doctor said I didn’t look like I had malaria and did no testing. Told me to take Motrin around the clock and not just during the day. My sisters and I decided to still visit my brother. By Friday (16th) I was not feeling any better so they brought me to your clinic. The office was clean and the medical staff was knowledgeable and even went so far as to check what diseases were in the region of Africa where I stayed. They had me and the nurse wear masks until they had an idea of what was happening. They did blood work and urine sample and it was found out that I had a UTI. She prescribed Bactrim and told me to come back or call if things did not improve. She also thought I should follow up with my PCP. We returned to Michigan Sunday and I have a Dr. appointment on Tuesday. My sister is an RN and was also impressed with your clinic.

You did a great job, I was well pleased. The wait was short & the staff was very prompt.I would highly recommend you. Thank you, Thank you!!

I came in with what I thought was a bad cut. Turned out to be a somewhat minor, but long cut. I believe the whole experience took less than 1 hour, which I was surprised. I’ve had great care when it was Smoky Mountain Urgent Care, and I’m glad to see it continues under Well-Key.

Always an enjoyable experience.  Even when you are sick and feel awful.  Very efficient.  We were in and out in about 30 minutes.

Obviously I was not feeling well when I stopped at this facility for care.   And great care is what I received!  From the receptionist to the nurse to the doctor.  The office is exceptionally clean and I was in and out in less than an hour.   Everyone that I came in contact with made me feel cared for, and my nurse even made me laugh.   Hoping to feel better soon with medication that was called in!

I’ve never had to wait an extreme amount of time, your hours are great and your staff and doctors are top notch. Always friendly and caring and i have never felt like just a number to be dealt with. Thank you so much.

Excellent, no wait, saw the md, took care of the problem, there was no wasted time and I felt like all my concerns were addressed.

Wait time wasn’t bad considering the amount of patients to be seen. I was there just over an hour start to finish. I was also very pleased with the doctor that I saw, he was very informative and professional. I also liked his “bed side” manner, he was very friendly.

Was very happy with the attention from the doctor and nurse regarding my illness.  In and out in a timely manner.

More thorough than my regular provider would have been. Very professional, compassionate staff. Will definitely use this facility again.!

Very efficient and was out of there in an hour. I will refer Well-Key to anyone needing emergent care or after hours care.

They took the time to talk and explain everything. Didn’t try to push me in and out for a quick turn-around like most other places I have been. I would definitely recommend.

I was greeted warmly and seen quickly. And though I could not be fully helped at the facility, I was given a quick referral that got me to the right place immediately.

I have never been to a place that has been as kind and friendly as you all. You all gave me the best care ever and that means a lot. The Doctor was real great and cared a lot to make sure I got well and better. I will be recommending you all to everyone.

I waited a few minutes, but not too long. It was a pleasant experience, and I received the medical care and “boot” I  needed. I rushed to get there because I had a meeting to get to and I was only a few minutes late. I would likely still be waiting at the emergency room if I went there instead.

Everyone there was very polite and treated as you’ve been coming there forever. We brought our  boys there to be checked out for upper respiratory problems.  They are 11 and 5. My oldest son  has autism,   and the doctor, she was amazing with him. She was wonderfuly patient with both boys, but very special with my oldest.

I walked in for a DOT physical without an appointment and the whole staff was very gracious and managed to fit me in right away! Very impressive. The entire staff was great and I recommend the facility to all. —DW.

The doctor was wonderful and thorough. I had a different doctor last week ( another child sick), she was also AMAZING. She had blonde hair and was a Medical Director. Loved her.

The medical staff at Well-Key was exceptional and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I was taken in quickly and my physician was very thorough with excellent care in a very timely manner.

I came to your office due to an eye problem. I was greeted very nicely and after completing paperwork was taken back almost immediately. The doctor assistant took all the necessary info and the nurse practitioner came in to see me. That to me is almost unheard of… You normally wait and wait. She assessed the problem, made a decision for medication and I was on the way. Everyone was very caring and efficient. Sure wish we could come here for our regular medical needs.

I was very pleased with the manner in which both the nurse and the doctor handled my son.  It was his first time getting staples and he was very nervous, but the doctor and the nurse kept him calm.  We will recommend Well-Key to our friends.

Courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable service from front desk staff, clinical staff, and physician! I would have had to wait another 3 weeks to see my “regular” doctor. Instead, I received initial treatment from Well-Key and will follow-up with my “regular” doctor.

We were in Knoxville for a conference and were heading home to North Carolina. However, I had come down with some insect bites that were infected and a rash on several parts of my body, over-the-counter remedies weren’t working, and I wanted some professional assistance before starting the long drive home. The very helpful doctor was very knowledgeable and competent. She and her assistants did a thorough exam and considered possibilities, then she decided what medications to prescribe and also gave me some helpful information to read. And the experience went as quickly as could possibly be expected. Thank you!

We came in on a saturday morning and after filling out paperwork were taken back to a room immediately.  The nurse promptly came to do vitals and the Doctor was along shortly after.  The Doctor was both personable and professional.  She made sure I was comfortable and understanding through the entire visit.  I was very pleased that in a walk in clinic we were seen by an actual MD instead of a NP.  We will definitely use this facility the next time the need arises!!

This place is SO much more than I expected!  I went in feeling like crap. I hardly ever get sick. I was fairly certain when I went in, I had nothing less than the black plague.  The entire staff was very welcoming and pleasant. I received a thorough vital check by the nurse. She recorded all my symptoms and medications.  The doctor came in and examined me after going over the info the nurse gathered.  In order to rule out the flu and mono, the doctor ordered blood work and a nasal swab test.  Completion of these tests took less than 10 minutes!  The physcian came back in with the results and told me I didn’t the flu, mono or the plague.  He diagnosed me with a severe URI. He prescribed a ZPAC and mucinex D for my infection.  I actually felt alot better as I was leaving, due to the thorough exam and diagnosis.  I love this place and the entire staff. I will DEFINITELY recommend it to friends and I will be back..  (not soon, I hope)

Myself, my husband an my daughter have all been seen here in the past two weeks. I have never been more impressed with a clinic and all the staff. The doctors were all amazing and for my daughter the Doctor was so kind and good to her. I wish I could use your clinic as a primary care place because you have the best doctors!!

While on vacation from Alabama, our 3 year old son became sick. The nurse practitioner was so kind and gentle with my son and everyone I dealt with was very professional and kind. We were in and out in about an hour. Thanks again for taking care of my baby while we were away from home!

My daughter had an earache, which was diagnosed as swimmer’s ear. The staff was polite and knowledgable. Violet responded very well to the PA and the doctor, who went above and beyond in order to make my 2.5 year old comfortable with the situation. Her ear was very painful when touched but she didn’t mind letting the doctor take a look. Thank you for such amazing, quick, succinct service! It is much appreciated!!!  – N.S.

All of the staff were amazing! I was in and out in just under 25 minutes! Will come again!

We were seen in just about as little time as possible, considering the necessary paperwork to be filled out and usual patient intake.  The nurse was very considerate and polite and accomplished in her duties.  Then, the Doctor came in and, WOW, my husband and I were so impressed with him as a Medical Doctor (and as a great conversationalist); he looked in one ear and said, “I can see at least part of your problem”!  Then, he had me do some deep breaths, which I could’t do without coughing; he said, “I knew you wouldn’t be able to try a deep breath without coughing!”  So, he said I was very sick and needed several prescriptions (strong oral antibiotic, good cough medicine and  an inhaler) to get rid of this 10-day-old acute bronchitis and sinus infection. (My family doctor saw me 10 days ago and prescribed another lesser-powered antibiotic.)  He also prescribed a steroid injection and an antibiotic injection.  He apprised my husband and me of the seriousness of my condition…possibly leading to pneumonia/hospitalization if not resolved successfully in a few days.  While not exactly “good news”, we felt that we had seen a great doctor and done the right thing coming in to Well-Key today!  We are so glad you are there…less than 2 miles from our home.  Closer than our family doctor (and better treatment)!  Thank you.  – E.C.M.

I became very ill and was in pain. I checked into the hospital off emory road. They ran tons of tests and took x rays. They come up with nothing and discharged me. The next day I became even more ill only this time I went to wellkey. They took great care of me. They ran the same tests the i took at the hospital but only this time they gave me an answer and I got the medication I needed. I would go here every time before I step foot into a ER ever again. Thank you to all the staff at wellkey for giving me the care I so desperately needed.

I really liked the Doctor. They took their time with you efficiently and professionally. The nurse that gave me a steroid shot didn’t hurt me at all…till about 10 minutes after he gave it! Lol. Thank you for providing medical care outside of going to an ER!

I want to first say thank you to the entire staff for taking time away from their families and working today,without them working I would have had to go to the ER and wait all day just to get seen. Everyone from the second I walked in to when I left made me feel welcomed. The staff is very professional and great customer service. I was explained everything in detail and all my questions we answered before I left. Thank you again for being there when I needed you guys. I know you don’t hear that very often if ever.

We received a flyer in the mail and saved it for just in case. What impressed us the most was that this is set up like a regular doctor office. Very clean and inviting. We have made a couple of trips to the little clinic and minute clinic and were less than impressed. They really can’t deliver all you need. Like that we saw an actual doctor, you can get xrays if you need, any test a doctors office can perform there.. Well-Key will be the place for us when we need after hours service.After receiving steroid shot, with 2-3 hours husbands itch and rash were much better. Staff were all very friendly. Well worth our co pay!!!

There wasn’t too much paperwork, my wait was short, and the technologist and doctor were quick, informative, and friendly. They recognized that I have a certain amount of knowledge about healthcare, and interacted with me appropriately.

I walked in 5 mins before closing time, I thought I would get a staff ready to go home and not happy to see me so close to closing time but that’s not at all what I received! Such a happy, helpful, and professional staff from the lady at the front deak to the assistant who gave me my shot and the doctor all class acts! I will definitely be back… Well I hope I stay healthy and don’t have to, but if I do get sick again, I will be back at Well-Key!!

I was extremely pleased to visit a doctor who showed genuine concern and took time to talk to me. Most physicians make you feel uncomfortable and as if your thoughts and ideas are unimportant. The entire staff was so helpful and considerate.

I had sick twin boys. The staff was able to process us quickly and get us in a room. They saw both boys at the same time which was nice. And the nurses and the doctor were knowledgeable and very nice and caring. The boys even got a popsicle to finish out their visit.

Was so sick and so happy you were open at 6:00 pm on Saturday evening. Feeling better just a few hours later due to aggressive treatment – shots!! I will definitely recommend this clinic to friends and family.

I was greeted politely and promptly. The paperwork I had to complete was short and straight forward. I didn’t have to wait long to be taken back to the exam room. The tech who took my history and medication info was polite and thorough. I did not have to wait long at all for the doctor. The doctor was very friendly and thorough. She listened and answered my questions. She gave me a plan A and then a plan B if the first plan didn’t work. My entire visit (including the paper work) took right at an hour. I was very impressed with the service and how quickly I got in and out.

I was greeted in a very friendly manner and was taken back very quickly. The doctor was extremely nice, and he described my problem and my treatment to me in a way I understood. Except for being ill, it couldn’t have been a better experience.