Treatment for Tooth Pain

Pain radiating from the teeth or jaws could be caused by a problem with the teeth or an inflammation of the sinus cavity. Tooth related pain indicates a cavity, cracked tooth, exposed root or disease of the gums. If the damage gets down to the root, infection can set in, along with serious, disabling pain.

  • Hot or cold sensitivity in the teeth
  • Pain associated with chewing
  • Blood or discharge from tooth or gums
  • Injury to the teeth
  • Receding gums, wrinkled feeling at the base of the gums


Who is at risk?

Anyone is at risk for injury to a tooth. Family history is a contributor to dental caries and gum disease. Follow a dentist’s instructions concerning tooth pain following dental work. Wisdom teeth can come out at any age – some people get them at 12 and others at 22.


A dentist will want to evaluate any tooth pain to make sure the patient gets the correct treatment. Antibiotics might be necessary if an infection has set in. Sometimes teeth need to be pulled and in severe cases a root canal is required to seal off the offended root to quell the pain.

Emergency Warning Signs: When should I see a doctor?

Contact a physician or dentist for emergency treatment if a tooth is knocked out or severe swelling of an infected area is accompanied by fever. Any persistent symptoms should be diagnosed by a dentist/doctor, especially if over-the-counter aids don’t help. While the dentist will be the provider offering a final solution to the problem, an urgent care physician can help you with pain and infection control after hours.

Treatment is available now at well-key urgent care.
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