Treatment for Tendonitis

Tendons connect muscles to bones and are employed to contract the muscle when we jump, walk and lift. When those tendons become inflamed from overuse they may hurt. This is referred to as tendonitis. As we age, we become more prone to tendonitis as the blood supply to the tendons changes.

  • Tender soreness or swelling right over a tendon
  • Pain associated with movement
  • Loss of motion


Who is at risk?

Anyone can develop tendonitis. It’s more prevalent in the elderly, but we are all susceptible when we use muscles in a new way or overuse muscles gardening, painting, skiing or pulling a heavy suitcase through the airport terminal. It occurs most frequently in the thumb, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and Achilles tendon.


While X-rays help doctors diagnose bone fractures, tendonitis does not show up on film. A physician will treat the condition based on the patient’s history. Rest and protection are the general course of treatment for tendonitis. A splint or brace might be used to protect the area. An ice pack might reduce inflammation. In extreme cases, a physician might prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or cortisone injections. Surgical correction is rare. The best way to avoid recurrence is to strengthen the tendon by using the surrounding muscles safely.

Emergency Warning Signs: When should I see a doctor?

Seek emergency help if symptoms occur with a fever, redness with the swelling, general illness or all over pain.

Treatment is available now at well-key urgent care.
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