Treatment for Rash (Pediatric)

Rashes in children present from a variety of causes, from “baby acne” and diaper rash to poison ivy. If the rash appears on the inside of elbow and knee joints, this is an indication of an allergy, especially if baby is taking a milk-based formula. Rashes on the tummy can indicate a number of conditions including Chicken Pox, Eczema or Ringworm

  • Diaper rash: bumps and general redness
  • Itching, burning sensation, unusual red bumps


Who is at risk?

Anyone can develop a skin reaction to environmental allergens, but babies have to be watched carefully, especially as different foods are introduced. Children in day care centers are exposed to many other kids, which should keep parents on high alert for Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease, Fifth Disease and similar contagious infections.


Keep the skin clean and dry. This is the best way to prevent rashes in places where bacteria and yeast grow, like in a diaper. There are a number of topical treatments for diaper rash once it has started; these will ease the itching and pain, but clean changing habits are the best prevention. Rashes that develop because of an allergy or a contagious disease really should be treated by a physician who can diagnose the source of the outbreak and prescribe the most effective treatment.

Emergency Warning Signs: When should I see a doctor?

Seek emergency help right away if the patient’s eyes or throat are swollen. Even the slightest swelling can restrict breathing and could lead to anaphylaxis. Any itching in the mouth or nose or symptoms accompanied by fever should be seen by a physician.

Be prepared for your appointment with a physician by noting when the rash first occurred, what the patient has eaten in the past 24 hours, if and how quickly the rash has spread and what treatments you have tried at home.

Treatment is available now at well-key urgent care.
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