Treatment for Joint Dislocations

A joint dislocation is an injury that forces the articulating surface of bones out of position because of a harsh fall or blow to the limb. It can happen anywhere on the body. Shoulders, elbows and knees are the most frequent targets for dislocation.

  • Swollen, painful joints
  • Immobility
  • Deformity at the joint


Who is at risk?

Contact sports and other high impact sports like skiing are the riskiest for dislocations. Some children experience chronic dislocations of limbs that are frequently pulled, like the elbow. This is known as a nursemaid’s elbow.


Depending on the affected joint, a physician might reposition the bone and apply a splint or sling while the surrounding tissue heals. Once dislocated, a joint is more likely to dislocate again, therefore physical therapy is often prescribed to strengthen the surrounding tissue. Protective gear for athletes is also prescribed.

Emergency Warning Signs: When should I see a doctor?

Seek immediate medical attention for any dislocation.

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