Treatment for Ear and Nose Foreign Bodies

Foreign bodies in the ear and nose tend to be placed there by curious children. Common items include small toys, buttons, crayons, batteries, insects and particles of food.
  • Loss of hearing
  • Sudden onset of wheezing or difficulty breathing
  • Pain, redness or drainage in the case of food or insects
Who is at risk?
Children under six or mentally ill adults are those most likely to experience foreign bodies in the ear and nose.
Consult a physician to safely remove obstructions without causing further damage or even suffocation. Removal can be painful as well and you can trust a physician to know the best method to employ. Physicians might use an instrument to remove the item through the natural opening or even magnets or suction to coax the object out.
Emergency Warning Signs: When should I see a doctor?
Magnets and small batteries in the ear or nose constitute a true ENT emergency. It is best to let a physician assess how to remove objects that seem innocently lodged, as repetitive efforts can push the item further into the cavity and cause more harm, even death.
Treatment is available now at Well-Key Urgent Care.
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