Here at Well-Key we take the safety of our patients very seriously. We understand your concern about being exposed to people who may be infected with the Coronavirus. That is why we are taking measures to limit the exposure of our patients to one another during the outbreak. Here are the steps we are taking, and the procedures we are following to ensure your safety at each of our 3 facilities.

1. Check in as usual

You will provide your information, such as health-related information and medical history. You will provide any information that we may need in order to provide you with the best care possible.

2. Wait in your car

If you are relatively healthy, or you are visiting Well-Key for anything besides flu-like symptoms, we definitely want to limit your exposure to those who may be carrying the Coronavirus. We will send you to wait in your vehicle in the parking lot.

3. Wait for a phone call

Once we are able to see you, we will call you on your cell phone, and direct you straight to your room, where you will be seen by one of our staff.

We feel that eliminating the waiting room step will limit exposure and help eliminate the possibility of spreading the virus to healthy patients who do not already have it.